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Review: Wolf Creek 2

By Andreas Charalambous - 17th September 2014

Viewing this second installment of Wolf Creek, it becomes apparent fairly quickly that it is a different beast altogether from the first film. Where director Greg McLean went for the dark, hard-hitting – and in places - shocking violence approach with the first film, he appears to have changed tactics and gone for a more comedic one this time around. Imagine if you will, that Mick Taylor and his brutal acts of violence were presented in the same disturbing and serious-toned style as, say, those of Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. By contrast, in Wolf Creek 2 he is now presented in similar over-the-top comedic fashion as Freddy from the Elm Street series, very much the centre of the audience’s attention.


Of course, this is nothing new to genre fans, for even Freddy was delivered to us in a no-nonsense way in the first Elm Street film, as was Taylor in the original. We all know that it is almost the done thing to take the antagonist of a successful first film in a series, and put them right under the spotlight for the sequel, but in this case, it really does ruin everything that was achieved in the first film.


As for what else this sequel brings, it’s pretty much as you were with the first – backpackers being stalked and ruthlessly dispatched by the crazed Taylor in the remote Australian outback.


Despite its relation to the first film, Wolf Creek 2 still makes for entertaining viewing. Jarratt appears to enjoy reprising his role as the deranged Taylor, and the performances of the supporting cast, are solid. There is plenty to entertain the gore and violence lovers, but as mentioned previously, this one comes with more cheesy one-liners and sight-gags.


This is a film that will come down to personal preference. You will either accept it for what it is – one-liners and all (although thankfully, we’re not talking Halloween: Resurrection’s “Trick or treat, mother f****r” territory.” I couldn’t bear that much pain again!) or, you will feel that it is too much of a jump away from the tone of the impressive first outing, and continually compare one with the other.


Wolf Creek 2 is available to buy now on UK Blu Ray and DVD.

Premiering at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, Wolf Creek was a gritty film about a small group of backpackers stranded in the remote plains of the Australian outback.


Loosely marketed at the time as a film “based on true events”, it featured serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) hunting and brutally dispatching the aforementioned backpackers, who are many miles from any salvation.


Moving forward almost ten years, we are now presented with Wolf Creek 2, the follow-up that once again presents the serial-killing tendencies of Jarratt’s Mick Taylor and again, in the remote Australian outback. Some things never change.

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