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Based upon the 2009 web series of the same name, Fear Clinic tells the story of five people with phobias seeking treatment from the bizarre Dr. Andover. (played by the brilliant Robert Englund). Andover’s extreme methods involve immersing his patients in nightmarish dream worlds (sound familiar?), forcing them to confront and overcome their fears.


With Robert Englund involved, it’s unsurprising that Fear Clinic looks to be a little crazy even by general horror standards; certainly crazy enough to attract Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor to join the cast.


Release date: Out now on iTunes and Xbox, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on February 10th.


Trailer Roundup: January 2015

By Ross Wildish - 2nd February 2015

Fear Clinic

Digging Up The Marrow

This trailer for Digging Up The Marrow is somewhat uninspiring, but there are teases of what might possibly be a really interesting film.


Director, writer and actor Adam Green is also known for his work on the Hatchet series, as well as Frozen (no, not that one), while Ray Wise has of course appeared in dozens of feature films over the past few decades. With such talent behind Digging Up The Marrow, there’s a hint that there may be something more under the surface here.


Release date: February 20th (limited online release)



There have been a slew of alien invasion/abduction films in recent years following 2009’s The Fourth Kind, which somewhat revitalised the genre. Ejecta features veteran stage and film actor Julian Richings, who himself is no stranger to horror and science fiction after appearing in films such as Cube and Wrong Turn


Unfortunately, this trailer does nothing to set itself apart from the competition, apart from perhaps taking itself too seriously. Perhaps Richings can save this movie, perhaps not.


Release date: Out now on DVD


Out of the Dark

Scary children are a staple of horrors nowadays, probably because children are horrible little monsters - so they fit right in. 


Out of the Dark promises an army of creepy little Freddy Kruegers bothering a family who have just moved to Colombia for the mother’s new job. Perfect house, perfect family, perfect job – cue supernatural shenanigans.


Release date: Feb 27th (limited U.S release)


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