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Nowadays, you’re more likely to see Arrested Development star Jason Bateman in a comedy role than anything else, but The Gift looks to get the actor showing off his dramatic skills once again.


The film also marks Joel Edgerton’s (Zero Dark Thirty, Exodus: Gods and Kings) directorial debut, though he also wrote and stars in the film as Gordo, an old schoolmate of Bateman’s who has turned up mysteriously and wishes to make amends for something that happened at school.


Gordo, predictably, is an utter creep, and what starts as reconciliation turns sour as a bitter past is revealed. With generally good reviews so far, The Gift should be worth a watch!


Release date: In cinema now

Trailer Roundup: July 2015

By Ross Wildish - 16th August 2015

The Gift

The Hell Within

Guns N Roses guitar legend - Slash has decided to foray into the film industry by starting his own film production company, SlashFiction. The first creation of this company is The Hell Within, or at least, it will be. This trailer seems to actually be a crowdfunding promotional video, and so the footage we see here may not be in the finished product.


The project is currently looking for funding on, and lists Slash as a producer along with screenwriter Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train, The Grudge) on board too. As for the trailer though, it really doesn’t say much. It’s hard to get an idea of what is supposed to be so special about this film from the teaser, which begs the question: Why should I give my money to you, Slash?


Release date: N/A


Goodnight Mommy

If this trailer is anything to go by, Goodnight Mommy is going to be really something. This Austrian thriller follows the story of two boys who await their mother’s return from cosmetic surgery.


However, the woman that returns is not the same, and the brothers are forced to face the possibility that their mother might not be what she seems. 


It's always nice to see foreign horror films generating some interest, especially indie flicks like this. So far the reception seems to be good on the festival circuit, but we’ll have to wait for a wider release before we can see it for ourselves!


Release date: Late 2015


The Jokesters

Despite its title, The Jokesters looks like it may not be fun times for all those involved. A group of former internet-pranksters decide to pull one last prank on their buddy after his wedding, but things gradually grow out of control, and soon no one is laughing.


An interesting concept, and seems to be predominantly found-footage. Although this is a fairly tiresome format now, this film seems promising enough to warrant a chance.


Release date: Currently available on US DVD


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