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You may have rolled your eyes as soon as you saw the couple pull up to that old cabin, but The Perfect Husband is not just another Evil Dead tribute. Italian director and writer Lucas Pavetto won ‘best newcomer’ with his English-language debut at FantaFestival in Rome.


It has received some good reviews on the back of its run on the festival circuit and a limited theatrical release in Italy, so hopefully we get it in the UK soon.


Release date: 2015

Trailer Roundup: December 2014

By Ross Wildish - 13th January 2015

The Perfect Husband

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy

There have been a few killer/monster showdown movies hoping to capitalise on the success of Freddy vs. Jason, and it was only a matter of time before someone started messing with the classics. Frankenstein vs. The Mummy pits two undead heavyweights against each other in the battle of the century.


The budget was obviously pretty small, and best case scenario, this is one of those ‘so bad it’s good’ films, but it looks fun so it’s worth giving it a chance.


Release date: 2015 TBA


Following in the footsteps of Deliverance, Preservation is a gritty survival horror from actor turned director, Christoper Denham (Shutter Island, Law and Order, Argo). 


Featuring Orange is the New Black’s Pablo Schreiber, Preservation looks like it might have a bit more going on than the average wilderness horror.


Release date: January 2015 (Online - U.S)

Dark Summer

A young boy is placed under house arrest after his cyber-stalking of a classmate results in her suicide.


However, her restless spirit is determined to get revenge on him. Anything with Peter Stormare in automatically piques my interest, but Dark Summer does genuinely seem to have an interesting story to tell.


Release date: January 9th (VOD)

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