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Do you have a hankering for some undead mayhem?

Do you have Netflix?

Do you find it too much hassle searching for the right zombie to fit your mood?

Whether you're a shuffler or a sprinter, the end of the world is right in your hands. What do you fancy?

Blake's Netflix Picks: The Undead

By Blake - October 5th 2013

I want to travel to Europe to see my zombies

La Horde (2009) 90 minutes - France

Netflix Region – USA / Canada / UK

In this French language flick, four corrupt policemen invade a gangster's hideout and encounter a vicious zombie swarm.


Worth a look?

Very much so. It's fast paced and brutal with a group of genuine looking tough guys up against a relentless horde (I see what they did there) of famished French zombies. Hard as nails, that French lot.

Rammbock: Berlin Undead (2010) 63 minutes - Germany

Netflix Region - USA

Two strangers – a lovesick young man and a brash teenage plumber – must join forces to stave off a legion of insatiable zombies.


Worth a look?

It’s a very short film (only 63 minutes) so it doesn't hang about, and soon has a number of genuinely excellent set-pieces. Considering the short run time it's all credit to the filmmakers that we find ourselves really rooting for our heroes in their quest for survival. The zombies, while not traditional Romero zombies (which are the textbook type for me) are a joy to watch.

Dead Snow (2009) 91 minutes - Norway

Netflix Region - USA

A group of friends get the scariest history lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway, where the party is interrupted by Nazi zombies.


Worth a look?

Oh, absolutely. Tommy Wirkola, who has recently entered the Hollywood system with the decidedly underwhelming Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, deftly mixes humour and horror but really allows the horror to be the driving force of the film. The action is brutal and very gory and the Nazi zombies are a sight to behold. Add the stunning snow covered scenery and we have a beautifully bloody romp in the fjords.

I want genetically modified trees to start my zombie apocalypse

Severed:Forest of the Dead (2005) 93 minutes

Netflix Region – USA

A forestry company's decision to genetically engineer trees, transforms once-normal loggers into flesh-eating zombies.


Worth a look?

A greedy corporation, brainless and brain dead lumberjacks and a nice feeling of isolation. Okay, so it isn't going to win any Oscars and you may forget about it after a few weeks, but it does offer a decent amount of zombie attacks for your 93 minutes and the zombies themselves look fantastic. Isn't that what we are here for after all?

I want a Cornetto with my shambling undead

Shaun of the Dead (2004) 99 minutes

Netflix Region – Canada

Shaun has no clue what to do with his life or with his relationship, but motivation comes in the form of a freak zombie attack.


Worth a look?

If you're having to ask that question you are probably looking at the wrong website. It's funny, clever, wonderfully acted and at times very creepy. Shaun of the Dead really is the benchmark that all horror comedies try (and most often fail) to reach since its release and is an undeniable classic. So, yes it is worth a little look. Pint, anyone?

I want the English language to end this world of ours

Pontypool (2008) 93 minutes

Netflix Region – USA / UK

Valentine's day is off to a bizarre start for a radio shock-jock when he runs into a crazed woman on his way to work – and that's only the beginning.


Worth a look?

An outstanding film with a wonderful performance from Stephen McHattie as local DJ Grant Mazzy. The action in this Canadian production never leaves the claustrophobic setting of an Ontario radio station. The terror going on outside is, at first, very much that....outside, being broadcast live to the listeners as horrific acts unfold at the hands of the infected. What could be causing these scenes and how long before the horror reaches the station?

I want Romero zombies. Give me Romero zombies

Day of the Dead (1985) 96 minutes

Netflix Region – UK

A contentious group of scientists and soldiers hide in an underground bunker to escape a world overrun by the flesh-eating undead.


Worth a look?

The film is stunning of course, and a fantastic entry in Romero's “Dead” series. The opening scene in the “deserted” town with Miguel shouting through a bullhorn trying to find survivors is magnificent, and it never lets up from there. A wonderful film from a man on the top of his game, and let's not forget, this is HIS game.

Land of the Dead (2005) 93 minutes

Netflix Region – USA / Canada

Humans have lost the battle against flesh-eating zombies, and are barricaded in a walled city ruled by a ruthless despot.


Worth a look?

While not quite up to the sky high standards of the first three entries in the “Dead” series, it's nevertheless still (very tasty) head and shoulders better than the majority of imitators out there. Let's face it. George could film a zombie reading the phone book and it would still be worth watching.

I want my survivors to feel isolated and claustrophobic. It's no picnic you know!

State of Emergency (2011) 90 minutes

Netflix Region – USA

After an explosion unleashes the contents of a biological weapons plant, the locals are transformed into an army of flesh-eating zombies.


Worth a look?

It certainly is if you like your infected to be genuinely scary, the survivors very amiable, a location that is bleak and depressing and very little hope of a brighter future. There's nothing particularly new here, but why should it try and change a tried and tested formula considering the point of pressing play is to see what happens to real people during an unreal crisis?

I want my zombie adventure to be complete and utter nonsense

Osombie (2012) 94 minutes

Netflix Region – USA

While in Afghanistan, a young woman discovers that Osama bin Laden has risen – and is building a zombie army to carry out his evil bidding.


Worth a look?

It has zombie Osama bin Laden and his army of undead terrorists fighting SyFy quality actors and causing rather cheap looking CGI explosions in the desert.
You just need to add beer.

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