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By Liam Cairns - September 2013

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is the much anticipated follow-up to 2010's hit first-person horror game The Dark Descent. For those of you unfamiliar with these games - forget the high-powered shotguns, pistols, grenades and chainsaws of other games - you are left stranded in dark depths with nothing but a light source in your shaking hand and your heart beating in your mouth.


Liam Cairns settles his nerves and gives us his take on this latest instalment. Is this another horror gaming classic in the making, or another piece of meat for the grinder?

By Anthony Silver - 2nd December 2013

As the battle for next-gen video games console supremacy kicks off, we take a look at Xbox One launch title, Dead Rising 3 in what promises to be splatterific zombie-slaying fun.

By Andreas Charalambous - 4th June 2014

Enter the world of the trashy B-movie with Into the Dark - Ultimate Trash Edition.


You play Peter O'Brannon - a heavy-drinking private detective entering a bizzare world of Nazi zombie hookers, dark humour, Night of the Living Dead and vintage pornography!


Truly a playable trashy B-movie.

By Ross Wildish - 15th August 2014

Outlast is an extremely atmospheric game with strong themes of horror, violence and jump-scares (just how we like them!).


We review Outlast: Whistleblower, the DLC chapter expansion to the highly successful original game from Red Barrels.

By Andreas Charalambous - 16th October 2014

The Evil Within marks the return of Shinji Mikami to the survival horror game genre.


A police detective investigating a multiple murder at a mental hospital finds himself plunged into a dark, twisted and disturbing world in what is hailed as Mikami's finest work since Resident Evil 4.

By Ross Wildish - 28th October 2014

Alien: Isolation is the latest attempt by Sega at reigniting the popular Alien franchise for the gaming masses.


Following the buggy mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, could this new survival horror offering make up for past disappointments?

By Andreas Charalambous - 21st February 2015

We take to the streets of an alternative Victorian London to do battle wth lycans in the PlayStation 4 exclusive title, The Order: 1886.

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