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By Andreas Charalambous - 2nd January 2014

Since first playing at the Liverpool Playhouse in early 2010, Ghost Stories has developed into a theatrical phenomenon, enjoying sell-out runs in the theatre heartland of London's West End before ending its run in July 2011.


Following its export to foreign shores, Ghost Stories is about to return to London for another terrifying run.


We speak exclusively to the show's co-creator Andy Nyman on the return of this truly unique and chilling theatrical experience.


We have been warned.

By Andreas Charalambous - 9th January 2014

Suze Lanier-Bramlett has had a fascinating acting career, playing roles in a variety of productions. Starring as female lead, Brenda Carter in 1977’s cult classic The Hills Have Eyes – directed by Wes Craven – Suze became an instant horror genre favourite.



We talk exclusively with Suze who tells us of her experiences in starring in a horror classic, as well as finding out about her more recent projects.

By Andreas Charalambous - 3rd June 2014

Stef Hutchinson is a man of many talents. As well as writing, producing and directing Halloween: 25 Years of Terror, the video documentary on John Carpenter's genre classic, he is also responsible for writing a series of well-received horror comic titles - including a series based on Halloween.


We speak exclusively with Stef on his passion for horror films and comics.

By Ross Wildish - 8th October 2014

After his 2006 directorial debut with Disorder, director, producer and writer Jack Thomas Smith returns with the gritty ‘assembled footage’ thriller Infliction.


He speaks exclusively to Ross Wildish about his horror favourites, his inspirations and his career in the genre thus far.

By Andreas Charalambous - 15th November 2014

On the evidence of obliterating its target in the first week of its crowd-funding campaign, Borley Rectory has succeeded in capturing the imagination of the horror masses.


Telling the notorious tale of the most haunted house in England, Borley Rectory boasts an extraordinary array of talent.


We speak exclusively to writer/director Ashley Thorpe, and cast members Reece Shearsmith, Jonathan Rigby and Julian Sands about this exciting production.

By Andreas Charalambous - 31st January 2015

Having surpassed its funding target three times over, Borley Rectory is now in full production flow.


We catch up with writer/director Ashley Thorpe to reflect on the success of the funding campaign, and an update on the progress of Borley Rectory's shoot.

By Ross Wildish - 8th March 2015

Following our recent review of Plan 9 - a modern take on Ed Wood's infamous sci-fi horror, we catch up with writer and director John Johnson to find out more about his inpiration in revisiting the original and making it for the modern audience.

By Andreas Charalambous - 31st March 2015

We recently reviewed the twisted, yet impressive psychological thriller Cut!.


We caught up with David Rountree to discuss his experience of writing, directing and starring in this refreshing horror outing .

By Adam Kaplan - 10th May 2015

Following our recent review of the enjoyable The Dooms Chapel Horror, we were able to spend some time with some of the talented cast and crew.


We talk to writer Jason Turner, director John Holt, and cast members Austin Madding, Joshua Mark Robinson, Shaun Gerardo and indie horror legend Bill Oberst Jr.

By Ashley Thorpe - 21st August 2015

Writer/Director Ashley Thorpe guest writes in this exclusive personal update on his progress and the challenges currently being faced, on the creation of his eagerly anticipated film - Borley Rectory

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