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By Ross Wildish - 6th July 2015

We take a look at low-budget indie horror, Legacy of Thorn.

By Andreas Charalambous - 5th October 2015

Arriving just in time for Halloween, The Houses of Halloween is a remarkably effective 'found footage' film that is creepy and frightening in equal measures.


A group of friends document their search for extreme scares in the world of American haunted house attractions.

By Ross Wildish - 31st October 2015

On the night of All Hallow's Eve, Tales of Halloween takes us into an American suburb for a veritable feast of spooky goings-on.


Featuring some of the most established names in the genre today, is this a return to form for the classic horror portmanteau?


By Ross Wildish - 25th March 2016

We review one of the latest 'FrightFest Presents...' titles - Last Girl Standing.


A film that begins where other Slasher films end, with the surviving victim dealing with the aftermath of their trauma.

By Ross Wildish - 8th May 2016

A homeless man is taken into a diner by a kindly waitress.


Soon, human flesh is added to the menu in Unmanned Media's werewolf short - End of the Road.

By Andreas Charalambous - 25th September 2016

We take a look at 31 - the latest film from the twisted mind of musician and horror filmmaker, Rob Zombie.

By Ross Wildish - 2nd October 2016

Another horror film that centres around the genre viewer's format of choice from yesteryear - we examine House of VHS and decide if it carries the same fate as the outdated media format.

By Andreas Charalambous - 10th October 2016

Another export of Asian horror cinema to the West - Train to Busan takes the zombie apocalypse onto the national rail system of South Korea.


You thought you had it bad on your daily commute -  Not finding a seat on this train is the least of your problems!

By Andreas Charalambous - 10th September 2017

Everyone's favourite nightmare, Pennywise the Dancing Clown returns in Andy Muschietti's big budget film adaptation of Stephen King's chilling novel, IT.

Does it sink, or will it float, too?

By Andreas Charalambous - 17th September 2017

We review Darren Aronofsky's absract horror film Mother! - starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem

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