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By Ross Wildish - 2nd February 2015

The latest new trailer digest is here - featuring genre legend Robert Englund, the latest offering by director Adam Green, and trouble-making aliens

By Andreas Charalambous - 19th February 2015

Following previous successes, the immersive theatrical experience The Generation of Z is coming to London.

By Ross Wildish - 6th March 2015

Our latest roundup includes a look at the Eli Roth-produced Clown, and the upcoming remake of the supernatural classic Poltergeist.

By Ross Wildish - 1st May 2015

The monthly trailer roundup returns with the latest offerings from M. Night Shyamalan, a new installment of Sinister, and wasps... huge, giant wasps!!

By Andreas Charalambous - 1st May 2015

Details of our latest Harlow Horror Night event - held on 14th May.


We welcome filmmaker John Shackleton for a screening of his film The Sleeping Room - followed by a Q&A.

By Ross Wildish - 4th June 2015

Our monthly trailer digest offers werewolves on a train, terrfied teenagers and zombie-making chicken nuggets!

By Ross Wildish - 16th August 2015

Our monthly trailer digest returns bearing gifts - amongst which are deadly internet pranksters and tales of when cosmetic surgery goes bad.

By Ross Wildish - 10th September 2015

This month's roundup includes sound advice on surviving a zombie apocalypse by scouts, super-polar bears, Turkish horror and an alternative to stepping barefoot on Lego bricks.

By Ross Wildish - 12th October 2015

This month's trailer roundup features Christmas horrors, Nicholas Cage, and deadly VHS tapes.

By Ross Wildish - 20th November 2015

October's choice trailer pickings include cowboys and cannibals, and period dramas and zombies.

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