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A short time ago, I had received an email from Alex Parslow – graduate film student of University of Southern California, and co-writer of the upcoming James Franco film, Actors Anonymous - informing me of an independent horror project that he is currently working towards for his thesis film – Occam’s Razor.


A little conceptual explanation later, and Alex had convinced us that this is indeed an exciting project whose existence needs to be shared amongst the horror-loving community.


The best way to describe Occam’s Razor is that it is a classic gothic horror film with a unique twist.

#CrowdFundHorror: Occam's Razor

By Andreas Charalambous - 28th May 2015

Set in 1851, a post-mortem photographer is called upon by a small Pennsylvania community after dozens of children have mysteriously died. 


In the common 19th-Century practice of photographing the deceased in everyday 'living' postures to preserve their memory for their loved-ones, this photographer soon realises that the spirits of the deceased are trying to communicate with him in order to uncover the community’s dark and disturbing secret.


Parslow explains, “Occam’s Razor is at once a graduate USC thesis film, as well as a proof of concept for a feature-length version of the same story.” He continues, “Post-mortem photography was a bizarre and short-lived occupation that has never really been properly explored in cinema. Nothing like it exists today. It’s a mysterious oddity lost in time.”


It is clear that such a macabre subject matter had captivated the imaginations of Parslow and co-writer Andre Kovalov in creating this dark and moody tale. The two writers had recently created a positive impact with their screenwriting which had in turn, secured them the opportunity to develop a fully conceived version of Occam’s Razor.


In what looks like an intriguing assembly of fresh talent – both in front and behind the camera – Occam’s Razor is certainly a project that a large proportion of the gothic horror film-loving community would enjoy. And this is where the same community can support in ensuring that it is brought to life!


Currently on the crowd-funding campaign trail, Occam’s Razor is a project that potentially oozes quality. However, as one can imagine - it is not an easy task in recreating 1850s Pennsylvania – and it certainly does not come cheap. By securing their funding goal, it would allow the filmmakers to truly bring this gothic world to life through the sets and costume, as well as high-quality special effects.


Please check out the original concept art below, as well as the official Occam’s Razor crowd-funding campaign by clicking here.

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