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It was bound to happen. The zombie apocalypse has finally come to London!


Before you round up anything that can be used as a deadly weapon, and your loved-ones - in that order, by the way! - we just need to clarify that the undead are shuffling towards London town as part of an immersive theatrical experience. Disappointing, I know! 


Following its success in New Zealand and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Generation of Z: Apocalypse live experience is now coming to Whitechapel, in London's East End.


If you've ever wondered how you would fare coming under attack from the undead, then now is your chance to find out what you're made of.


Tickets for this live experience officially go on sale this Friday, but you can book them early by visiting and entering the code EXTINCTIONISNOW.


The experience runs from 4th April to 5th July, and tickets range from £25.00 to £42.50.


Check out the trailer below.

News: The Generation of Z comes to London

By Andreas Charalambous - 19th February 2015

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