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We all remember those days when we are young, carefree and thinking we’re in love with the first person we date. We can also recall how important it was to us to go that next level with our significant other at that time and this is a strong element that’s explored throughout the film. Jay (Maika Monroe) is a young teenage girl going through that same point in her life. She has been seeing a young man, Hugh, (Jake Weary) who she really likes and his calm demeanour and gentlemanly ways would make him the ideal choice - that is until after a romantic liaison on one of their many dates where Jay definitely gets more than she bargained for.

Throughout the course of the film, the high intensity mentally tortures the viewer. Unfortunately, there are moments when things get a little bit too silly and less frightening, which is its original intent. While there is no doubt having a strange old woman calmly walking towards you with a demented expression on her face ramps up the scare factor, seeing a lock of someone’s hair being held up by an invisible force just looks somewhat silly. However, this is made up for with an epic final confrontation with a showdown to the death resulting in all-out war.

The climactic battle is probably one of the make-or-break scenes that has ultimately made this film a hit with horror fans. When you have audience members screaming at the cinema screen, you know you have done your job and you’ve done it well - and this film has every reason to be proud.

Overall, there is very little criticism that can be levelled at It Follows, but probably the best feature of this film is that it contains a relatively unknown cast. There are no big name actors to be found, and all the better for it. The acting is wonderful and engaging, the horror is ever-present and the action gets your blood pumping. Aside from the occasionally unintentional comedy moment, there is no reason why anyone who goes to see this little chiller shouldn’t get their money’s worth. Go buy that cinema ticket, be impressed and maybe keep one eye over your shoulder in future.


Review: It Follows

By Charlotte Castle - 14th March 2015

It Follows is a terrifying combination of paranoia and high tension. It is a film that will constantly have you on the edge of your seat. You are hit with this intensity from the moment the film opens. The music pierces your ears and you feel yourself thrown into the middle of an intense struggle that has been in progress long before the audience joins the action. 

From the start, we see a girl who we are not formally introduced to; there is no name or any clue as to what has upset her. She is running, frantically looking over her shoulder. The mystery is already laid bare. Who or what is she running from? Of course, that question remains unanswered but what is revealed are the consequences of what happens when she stopped running. Her body is turned into an image Salvador Dali would be proud of.

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