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There are some simple facts in this world, and one of them is that wasps suck. At least bees produce honey; wasps are just bitterness and hatred with wings. So, the last thing you want spoiling your swanky garden party are 6-foot mutant wasps. Even regular wasps would be bad enough.


Stung is a horror comedy that seems to be channelling the spirit of Eight Legged Freaks and Shaun of the Dead (neither of which were bad films).  Strangely, this is a German film featuring a predominantly American cast, but the trailer has a very British vibe to it. Stung  is currently on the festival circuit, and so far seems to be faring well.


Release date: Late 2015

Trailer Roundup: April 2015

By Ross Wildish - 1st May 2015


Sinister 2

Despite getting favourable reviews, 2012’s Sinister was pretty derivative and probably not sequel-worthy, but that hasn’t stopped them! This uninspiring trailer for Sinister 2 uses just about every modern supernatural horror cliché known to man. I feel like I could write a script for this film based on the trailer and it would be pretty close.


That being said, it will probably still make a lot of money and get another sequel. We’ll be on Sinister 7 before you know it!


Release date: 21st August (US)



A lot of horror films nowadays try to be edgy and modern by making a commentary on our lifestyles, our addiction to the internet, etc. Most of the time, it just comes off a bit lame, but Unfriended may have an interesting concept at heart.


A young girl has an embarrassing drunken video anonymously posted online, and commits suicide soon after to escape the humiliation. A year later, she seemingly returns to torment a bunch of young people in an effort to find the one who wronged her.


In an age of cyber-bullying and slut-shaming, it’s a story that is incredibly relevant. However, the choice of having the majority of the film as a Skype conversation is…risky. It does make sense given the story, but there’s a big chance the novelty wears off very quickly and it ends up being annoying.


Release date: 1st May (UK)


The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan used to be a big deal. This is the guy who came up with The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs. But since these films, he’s become a bit of a laughing stock, which wasn’t helped by the critically-panned by surprisingly successful After Earth. Shyamalan is out to prove there’s more to him than flimsy screenwriting and predictable twists.


The Visit is a simple premise, which makes a change for Shyamalan; a couple of children go to stay with their grandparents, but soon find that the two old timers are a special shade of crazy.


The grandparents could very well turn out to be demons or aliens, or older versions of the children sent back in time - we just don’t know. Can Shyamalan resist making a stupid twist and just concentrate on making a proper film with, like…a decent plot? Maybe? It is a found-footage film, and that doesn’t tend to bode well.


Release date: 11th September (US)


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