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Turkey isn’t exactly at the cutting-edge of horror cinema, but Baskin looks set to change that.


This surreal, frightening trailer shows a group of Turkish policemen called out to what they find to be a twisted den of satanic ritual and depravity.


This seems to be a full-length version of a 2013 short of the same name by director/writer Can Evrenol. Baskin is due its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, and will hopefully get a wider release date after!


Release date: TBA

Trailer Roundup: August 2015

By Ross Wildish - 10th September 2015


Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

The comparison of Superbad meets Shaun of the Dead would be an easy one to make, but it fits pretty well for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.


It has all the trademarks of a typical American comedy, but there is something intriguing about it. While Zombieland was a good attempt at emulating the success of Shaun of the Dead by America, it didn’t quite live up to the hype even with the solid cast and a cameo by the ever-amazing Bill Murray. Perhaps Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse can set the new standard for zomcoms.


Release date: 6th November 2015



How do we combat global warming threatening the lives of the polar bears? Simple... We genetically engineer bigger, fiercer super-polar bears. Hopefully this scenario never arises, but if it does, we have Unnatural to look to as a guide.


The main thing I noticed from this trailer was the lack of CGI and a focus on animatronics and puppetry, which is a refreshing approach nowadays. The few glimpses of the bear in this trailer show some half-decent effects, so Unnatrual might hark back to the all live-action effects of classics such as The Thing.


Release date: 16th October 2015 (USA)


The Blood Lands

The Blood Lands (originally called White Settlers) follows the story of a couple who decide to leave their busy life in London and settle down in rural Scotland. The locals however, seem to be a bunch of crazy people in pig masks, who set out to torture and kill the young couple. I don’t know why it always has to be pig masks. Why is that the go-to mask for creepy murderers? Why not a badger, or Nigel Farage? If someone broke into my house wearing a Nigel Farage mask and wielding a kitchen knife, I would soil myself.


Unfortunately, the reviews for The Blood Lands haven’t been kind, and one IMDb review was particularly brutal, saying there are better things to spend your money on such as ‘roll in jam and sit on an ant hill, eat ground glass, visit the Alabama culture museum, burn your money, burn your TV, learn to play the piano, buy Legos and step on them, cover your genitals in bees, stick golf balls up your rectum or just watch something else’. Pretty brutal stuff, so take from that what you will!


Release date: Out now


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