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This trailer for The Sleeping Room gives far too much away, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

The vengeful spirit of a snuff filmmaker and pimp haunts young prostitute ‘Blue’ in a story of sexual manipulation and the supernatural.


The Sleeping Room received good reviews after its premiere this August at the London FrightFest Film Festival, so this is definitely one to check out.


Release date: Unknown

Trailer Roundup: November 2014

By Ross Wildish - 30th November 2014

The Sleeping Room

The Device

Unfortunately this trailer for The Device is yet another one that possibly gives too much away; woman finds bizarre object, turns out it has something to do with aliens. The latter detail could have been omitted and you might have had a more interesting trailer.


This might be the age of the internet, but we don’t need to know everything. A little mystery is good. Here’s hoping the trailer doesn’t sum up the entire film too well.


Release date: 16th December 2014 (US DVD)

Hollows Grove

It wouldn’t be a trailer roundup without the obligatory found-footage flick!
Unfortunately (and somewhat unsurprisingly) Hollows Grove doesn’t look like it breaks any new ground; bunch of twenty-somethings pick up some cameras and go somewhere they were warned not to - and scary stuff happens.


Maybe there is more to it than meets the eye, but the trailer certainly isn’t all that promising.


Release date: Available now on iTunes US


Honestly, I am not sure I could deal with an hour-and-a-half of that accent. I am sorry if you sound like that, but for the same reason the Scouse accent doesn’t tend to be picked up by Hollywood, Jessabelle may have some trouble generating the screen presence she desires. And don’t get me started on the mother’s tarot reading.  "I see a very horrible death for you."

Well thanks, mum. Thanks a lot. Still, some talented folks behind this so it might be decent.


Release date: Late 2014

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