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Surreal doesn’t begin to cover the concept behind Motivational Growth; Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) is a depressed recluse who finds a smooth-talking mould growth in his bathroom. ‘The Mold’ tries to help Ian clean up his life, triggering a series of bizarre events that threaten to irreparably change Ian’s tiny world forever.


After a lengthy run on the festival circuit, Motivational Growth is coming to Blu-ray and DVD so now you don’t even have to leave your home to watch it! You probably should though, just in case you start talking to bathroom mould.


Release date: DVD/Blu-ray 7th October (U.S)

Trailer Roundup: September 2014


By Ross Wildish - 2nd October 2014

Motivational Growth


This crowd-funded Belgian film follows a young boy at a summer scouts camp, who discovers that the scouts are not the only children in the forest. Featuring a predominantly child cast, Cub looks set to put a spin on the slasher-horror genre. It definitely makes a change from air-headed teenagers.


Release date: 29th October (Belgium)

The Houses October Built

Haunted houses might be a little scarier once you’ve seen The Houses October Built. Five friends set off to find the most terrifying underground haunted houses, but the fear soon becomes far too real for them.


Though the found-footage format is well and truly saturated at this point, The Houses October Built does have an interesting premise that could only really work in this way.


Release date: October 10th (U.S.A)


Aliens screw up a young girl’s weekend plans when some teenagers accidentally start a conflict with an alien race. Cabin in the woods. Reckless teenagers. It’s all a little too familiar, but perhaps there’s more to Extraterrestrial than meets the eye.

Any film that uses #GETPROBED as a promotional hashtag, deserves some attention.


Release date: 29th October

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