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Hot on the heels of Krampus we have another Christmas horror-comedy coming our way. The anti-Santa of legend features again here, but we also have zombie elves, creepy children and William Shatner.


A Christmas Horror Story is actually an anthology film, featuring four different stories tied together by Shatner playing a radio DJ. The trailer makes it seem a little like this is one story with multiple subplots however, so that could potentially be confusing.

That being said it certainly looks like a laugh, though it has had mixed reviews on the festival ciruit.


Release date: 9th November 2015

Trailer Roundup: September 2015

By Ross Wildish - 12th October 2015

A Christmas Horror Story

Pay the Ghost

Nicholas ‘I-really-need-to-fire-my-agent’ Cage doesn’t exactly evoke a lot of confidence in films nowadays, which is a shame when you look back at his greatest moments in cinema. Though an extremely productive actor, it seems good Nicholas Cage films are few and far between. Pay the Ghost is the latest flick to feature the actor, but does this look any good?


There’s certainly a lot of weird stuff going on here, but nothing particularly interesting. Another generic ‘ghosts stole my kid’ supernatural thriller it would seem, at least on face-value.


Unfortunately, the reviews aren’t positive, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a brutal 6%. Looks like the ghost may not get paid, but it is available on video-on-demand if you have nothing else to watch.



Release date: Out now on VOD



The trailer for Darling certainly doesn’t tell you a whole lot about the film apart from the fact that some random girl is having a bad day and murder may be involved.


There’s a lot of Hitchcock being channelled through here - albeit with a modern twist - and it works very well, at least in the trailer. A whole film like this would probably result in a seizure though. Not much information to be found on Darling at the moment, but hopefully they announce more details soon.


Release date: TBA


House of VHS

Watching a mysterious VHS tape causes supernatural nastiness to occur. Sound familiar?


House of VHS might not have the most unique premise, but the groovy '80s style vibe has piqued my interest. This looks to be the sort of film that preys on your nostalgia for the VHS horrors of old - a movement of films that has seen growing popularity of late as VHS starts to truly become retro.


However, when you get past the nostalgia, will this be a good film at its core? The film was crowdfunded, and although those who contributed to the campaign have received their copies of the film already, it is yet to see a wider release.


Release date: TBA

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